Benefits of Hiring a Tax Resolution Professional to Help You Deal with the IRS


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Why do I need someone to help me deal with the IRS? If you’re not aware of the benefits of having a tax resolution professional on your side. Here are the greatest reasons to hire one

  1. Your chances of success are greater than if you go it alone

Resolving a tax problem is not quick and it is not cheap. And not everyone gets out of tax debt for pennies on the dollar through the Offer in Compromise program— around 85% of Offers are rejected outright! Without someone to look at your overall financial situation and help you consider all of your options, you could waste huge amounts of time and money in trial and error as penalties and interest continue to snowball and the problem grows bigger.

The tax code is complicated. The IRS is like any other government bureaucracy, with rules and regulations to follow and things it cannot do no matter how logical your proposed solution. Contrary to popular belief, the goal of the IRS agent isn’t always to get you to pay the bill ASAP. Getting good help up-front makes sense, before you waste time and money on other solutions that simply land you three steps behind where you started.

  1. They have tips and know tricks-of-the-trade that you won’t find anywhere else

An effective tax resolution professional understands all of the options available to you, and can customize a solution based on your unique problem. They know that the IRS or State taxing authorities want, and won’t waste time trying to sell a solution or options that, based on experience, will not be acceptable.

A professional can get your financial situation arranged to your advantage before contacting the IRS with a proposal, putting you on a path to greater success.

  1. You never have to deal with the IRS again

Let’s face it: the first thing any taxpayer wants when visiting the IRS in person or talking with an IRS officer on the phone is to get the conversation over with as soon as possible and get out of there! It’s easy to understand why, given the pressure in this situation, you will be susceptible to being overly optimistic about what you can do. It’s easy to make promises. But then, there’s the aftermath. You can’t meet your end of the deal because they took more money than you can afford, and once again the problem lands in your lap. In the meantime, it’s grown worse, with penalties and interest growing at an alarming rate.

When a tax resolution professional has the right authority to do so, you do not have to deal with the IRS. We take the problem off your hands. We represent you, we make the necessary phone calls, we meet with the IRS on your behalf if necessary.

Many companies in the tax resolution business employ sales people to take the initial calls of their potential clients. When choosing a firm to represent you before the IRS make sure the person you are speaking to is the one actually authorized to represent you before the IRS. This means that their person is either and Enrolled Agent, CPA or Attorney.