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For 30 years, our team has found success for our clients where other providers have failed. When you hire Back Tax Expert, we make our first call to the IRS immediately. Whatever is about to happen to our clients, we put a stop to quickly.

At Back Tax Expert, we know that people with tax issues aren’t bad people. About 90% run into situations they just didn’t see coming. Once we get involved, our entire focus is on being available and accessible to help you. You know what our services cost up front, you can contact us at any time, and you never have to worry about us following up on your behalf with the IRS.

Our approach:

1) We meet for a free, no-obligation consultation to assess your situation, discuss options, and give you a cost.

In 20-30 minutes via telephone or in-person, a CPA or Enrolled Agent listens to your immediate concerns and asks questions that will help us to understand your unique circumstances. With this information, we’re able to share what we think are the potential courses of action, what would be required from you – and from us – to move forward in resolving your case. We explain steps we need to take to solve your tax problem, protect your assets from seizure, and steps we might take to help ensure your future success. We give you a flat-rate quote, no hourly fees, and no surprises down the road. This fee covers all of our work with you.

2) We send the quote for our services in writing and any paperwork needed to hire us.

Upon concluding our discussion, we send you the required paperwork should you choose to hire us. This includes the flat-rate quote for our services, a payment schedule, our agreement, and Power-of-Attorney paperwork so that we can fully represent you before the IRS (and you no longer have to deal with them.)

3) Upon receipt of paperwork, we immediately call the IRS to start resolving the problem

We immediately start work on your case by calling the IRS to advise them that the case is being handled by a tax resolution professional; and that their only contact should be with us, not you, from that moment forward. We start working to release any garnishments or levies, and begin the steps necessary to resolve the problem. Our decades of experience working with the IRS help us to know exactly what they look at and what will be needed to solve your problem.

“The more I talked to Bill, it was clear not only how sophisticated and what an A-gamer he was, but also he had compassion.”

John Langdon

4) We work with you to obtain any information required to help your case.

For example, unfiled tax returns that must be filed, or other business or financial information required by the IRS in order to move the case forward.

5) We keep you apprised, and answer any questions or concerns you may have along the way.

Back Tax Expert makes sure you always have direct means to communicate with your tax advisor so that whenever questions, concerns, or issues arise, you can get answers. The person you speak with initially on the phone or meet with in person is the qualified representative that will handle your case from start to finish. We do not employ sales people or scouts.

6) We resolve the tax problem with a plan in place for you that helps ensure your future financial success.

Our intention is to get you through this process as quickly and painlessly as possible, and offer a true financial solution for the long term. Tax problems are typically symptomatic of a larger problem caused by cash flow, cash management, insufficient planning for unforeseen circumstances or some combination thereof – so we offer a true financial solution for the long-term so that the problem does not recur.

Important note regarding IRS Form 8821: Be aware that some tax relief agencies ask for IRS Form 8821 as a means to represent you. While useful for audits, IRS Form 8821 only authorizes the release of tax information. It does not provide the power to represent you before the IRS. Only Power-of-Attorney Form 2848 can provide someone the ability to represent you. We use Power-of-Attorney Form 2848 so that our clients don’t have to contact the IRS, and the IRS no longer has a need to contact our clients directly. Our clients find that this removes an enormous burden from them, and it also benefits the IRS, which can then deal directly with a tax resolution professional – someone who speaks their language, understands the options, and whose primary business is focusing on the case.

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