Can the IRS Put a Lien on My Business? | Back Tax Expert, Bill Fritton


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The Silent Threat to Your Business: Federal Tax Liens

Unresolved tax debt can be a silent threat to your business, looming in the background until the IRS takes action. One of their most potent weapons is the federal tax lien – a legal claim against your business’s assets that serves as a public notice of your tax debt. Back Tax Expert, headquartered in Tysons Corner, Virginia, just outside Washington, D.C., helps clients nationwide and specializes in assisting businesses in navigating this complex territory.

The Immediate Impact on Your Business

Bill Fritton, a seasoned tax expert leading Back Tax Expert, explains, “The ramifications of a tax lien are immediate and far-reaching. It disrupts your financial planning, hinders business operations, and damages your creditworthiness.” In essence, a tax lien can paralyze your business, making it difficult to maintain operations and grow.

Back Tax Expert: Your Partner in Tax Resolution

Don’t let a tax lien derail your business. Back Tax Expert, with decades of experience in tax relief, is your trusted ally. Our team of professionals can work with the IRS to explore all available options, potentially preventing the lien from being filed or negotiating a resolution that minimizes the damage.

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