Process of tax and financial solution


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Process of tax and financial solution

Bill Fritton: Once you use us, you never contact the IRS again, and theoretically, the IRS should never contact you again they all … all contact comes through us, or myself, or one of my associates. To call me it costs you nothing, so if you pick up the phone, and call me, or schedule an appointment, you come in, meet with me, or we talk on the phone, that costs you absolutely nothing.

At that first meeting, or during that first phone conference, I’m going to determine what I think needs to be done, based on what you’re telling me, and I’m going to quote you a fee, whether you call me five time, or you call me ten times. Whether I have to do 15 forms, or one form. Whether we have to make 30 calls to the IRS, or one call to the IRS. You’re going to know up front what it’s going to cost me to handle the case soup to nuts. And, provided everything you’ve told me is correct, and there are no major changes, you’re not going to have any major surprises. That’s the fee.

Once we determine that, you decide you want to use my services, you get a power of attorney that you would sign, from us. You would sign that power of attorney. Once we contact the IRS, we know what they’re looking at. We know what you’ve told us. Now we try to mesh the two, and figure out the best way to resolve the problem.

And we will have you fill out forms for us that give us a sense of your financial situation, so then we know what you, maybe, can, or cannot afford to pay the IRS. What assets we have to try to protect. Whether it be a house, 401(k), IRA, bank accounts, vacation properties, cars. Obviously we want to protect whatever assets you have from any garnishment, or seizure, by the IRS, or state taxing authorities. Then, quite frankly, it a process of working thought, towards a resolution, and working towards what we need to do, to put the problem behind you.

Once I get involved, my common theme to everyone is, “I’m here to help you.” The way we charge, which is a fee that’s known to you, up front, we don’t charge by the hour. I tell everybody, “You can call me every day, if you want.” There are going to be things I ask you for, I don’t want you to spend 10 hours of your own time trying to figure something out. If you don’t know how to do it, or want help doing it, by all means, let’s set up a conference call. Let’s set up a meeting. Come in, ask me the questions. We’ll get it done in 15 minutes, instead of you spending 10 hours on it.

I want them to know that when I contact the IRS, I always followup with a call, or an email, saying, “Here’s the outcome of what that call was, and here’s what we need to do to move your case forward.”

A lot of times, my clients procrastinate, even once they hire me, so it’s my job to push them to move them forward, because, even though I’m involved, without their help, it’s difficult for me to resolve the case, and I need help from all my clients. Sometimes they procrastinate, it’s my job to push them forward to get to the resolution.