Do I really owe what the IRS says I owe?


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Do you really owe what the IRS says you owe?

You may know that you do. Or, you may know that you don’t. But there could be several reasons that you may not be sure.

  • It is possible that you made an error. A math error on your return could result in the IRS thinking you owe them money, when in fact it may owe you money.
  • It is possible that the IRS made an error. It happens all of the time. A computational error could have been made that results in the IRS thinking you owe more money than you do. Sometimes line items are transposed or mistyped.
  • If you have not filed returns, it is possible that the IRS filed them for you during those years. Because they do not have access to all of the information at your disposal, they may think that you owe them a substantial amount of back taxes when in fact you are due a refund. Either way, the amount stated due may be incorrect.

It is important to keep in mind the possibility of errors in the IRS notices regarding tax debt. If there is any question as to the liability, it is important to get a tax resolution specialist to access the appropriate paperwork, notify the IRS of the errors and verify that the amount is accurate before trying to resolve or pay a tax debt. Please give The Back Tax Expert a call at 1-703-847-0757 should you need help.