Understanding a Notice of Federal Tax Lien and What to Do About It


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Unpaid Taxes Consequences: Federal Tax Lien Explained

Curious about the repercussions of neglecting your taxes? Brace yourself – a significant consequence is the federal government slapping you or your business with a legal claim known as a federal tax lien.

Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty. We will break down what exactly a federal tax lien entails and offer expert tips if you find a certified letter in your mailbox, indicating you’re dealing with one.

Before we dive in, a pro tip: Get ahead of the game by seeking advice from a tax expert. If you’re up for it, you can get a complimentary, confidential consultation with Bill Fritton, also known as The Back Tax Expert, by giving him a call at 703-847-0757.

Decoding the Federal Tax Lien

Imagine this: A federal tax lien is like an official breadcrumb trail left by the government, filed with your local county. It’s their way of broadcasting that you’ve got unpaid federal taxes lurking around.

Impact on Your Possessions

Hold tight – this lien latches onto your possessions like a barnacle on a ship’s hull. We are talking about your house, your vehicle, your investments – anything with value. It’s not just the now; this lien shadows your future assets too.

Thinking of selling your house while the lien is around? Think again. The government gets their slice first, leaving you with the leftovers.

Now here’s the kicker: When the IRS slaps on that federal tax lien, it’s like shouting from the rooftops that you owe them money. Credit bureaus can catch wind of this, and guess what? Brace for potential credit hurdles.

Business Blues

Own a business? Brace yourself for the ripple effect there too. This lien doesn’t discriminate – it goes after your business gear and any outstanding payments if you operate at a DBA. Running your show? Get ready for some added complexity.

Bankruptcy Isn’t the Getaway Car

Thinking bankruptcy is your ticket out? Not quite. While bankruptcy can alleviate some debts, tax woes and the federal tax lien might just stay put. Even if you taxes are dischargeable the lien may remain under certain circumstances.

Lien vs. Levy

Not Twins. People often mix up “lien” and “levy,” but they are more like distant cousins than identical twins. A lien is like the government staking a claim, but they’re not grabbing your stuff – not yet. A levy, however, is when they put their words into action and start seizing your assets. Believe me, both can shake up your world.

What’s Your Move? Got the IRS on your tail? The IRS will suggest, “Paying in full is your best bet to bid farewell to that federal tax lien. We’ll lift it within a month of receiving your payment.” But let’s be real, writing a hefty check isn’t always an option.

Enter the Back Tax Expert. Ditch the idea of going head-to-head with the IRS solo; it’s like facing court without a lawyer. Possible, but not too savvy.

Step one? Reach out to a tax resolution expert. That’s us. We’re ready to listen, plan your strategy, engage with the IRS on your behalf, and get those negotiations rolling.

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